Matter Of Fact

Matter of Fact transforms our data usage into paper airplanes, enabling the user to quantify the impact being online has on ecosystems. 

Each passing year sees us spending more time online and data has become a resource which like any other seems perpetual. By 2025, it is expected that technology related electrical consumption alone will require 20% of the global electricity consumption and will generate 8% of the global CO2 emissions. Collectively, we generate 5 exabytes of information each day, the equivalent if stored onto disks to four times the volume of the Eiffel Tower.

If we are to meet the requirements of the Paris Agreement and restrain global warming to +1.5° by 2050, we have to limit emissions to a maximum of 3,4 tons per person worldwide (the volume of a loaded pick-up truck), while a citizen from France currently contributes to 9,9 tons per year, (the volume of a small airplane).

In 2022, users streamed an average of 536.3 GB a month across all devices, contributing to around 15kg of CO2  per person. Even if ICT’s (Information and Communication Technologies) become greener and more efficient, our exponential hunger for data requires us to reconnect our behaviors and consumption patterns to the world we inhabit, as the global energy mix cannot keep up with our usage.


Client: Space 10
Year: 2022

Research & Concept:Marion Lasserre, Dia Munoz
Visuals: Marion Lasserre