Meet Páj!

Paying homage to the canary in the coal mine, Meet Páj! helps you map out and understand pollution within and outside the household through an augmented reality interface (AR). Combining existing and yet-to-exist sensors as APIs allows Meet Páj! to render intelligible the various polluting factors generated by our daily habits and environment.


Household Air Pollution (HAP) is one of the prime risk factors contributing to early deaths worldwide while also giving rise to Ambient Air Pollution (AAP) outside the household. Commonly used products, cooking, or heating can release compounds detrimental to our health and the spaces we inhabit. As we spend more time at home, understanding polluting factors becomes a public health issue. Through its engaging interface, Biocompanion provides vital clarity to the complex process of understanding pollution and its many facets.

Client: Space 10
Year: 2021-22

Research & Concept: Marion Lasserre, Michael Valinsky
Visuals: Marion Lasserre 
UX/UI Design: Bakken & Baeck